About SunShine Awning & Blind Co.

How do the windows in your home greet the morning? With drab, unflattering boredom, or with decorative style, class, and beauty? If you're thinking it's time to change your window treatments then it's time to call SunShine Awning & Blind Co., the convenient shop at home decorating service.

Owner and designer, Roger Cashwell, has over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of blinds and awnings; he really knows his product and he brings his helpful knowledge right to your home. SunShine Awning & Blind Co. breathes new decorative life through the windows of your home or office.

Choose from a vast array of diverse and tasteful blind and porch awning samples that will make you want to stand in front of your windows all day just to admire them. When you shop with SunShine Awning & Blind Co., you get the best choices at prices you'll find attractive. Beautiful window treatments and decorative awnings are just a phone call away. SunShine Awning & Blind Co. serves Saint John and the surrounding areas, so make your appointment today. When you're ready to beautify your windows, just let the SunShine in – SunShine Awning & Blind Co.